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The Growing Small Towns Show

Feb 10, 2020

On the show today, Elizabeth Shipstead, founder of The Rural Sisterhood, shares her story of starting the blog and the eventual Facebook group. She shares about the importance of having a place to be truly vulnerable and how each of us can create a solution to the problems we face in our own lives.

About Elizabeth Shipstead:

Elizabeth Shipstead is the farm wife, momma, friend and founder of The Rural Sisterhood! She and her husband farm in northeast Montana. They raise wheat, peas, lentils and canola! They have a small but growing herd of black angus cows and they also have two little, sweet, and crazy farm girls! 

Elizabeth can be found writing while flagging for her equipment-driving hubby (only while waiting safely on the next approach for him to catch up, of course) toting around a huge bag of toys, books and any other items that might keep her busy girls' attention while she runs the swather and/or combine, running into town in grubby clothes for that one necessary part, trying to stay on top of a losing battle with the weeds in her garden, and giggling, crying and empathizing with the women of The Rural Sisters' Community, who have become wonderful friends and sisters in this wild and crazy Ag life we live.


In this episode, we tackle…

Why is vulnerability so important to cultivating community?

When we can truly let our guards down and feel safe to share the challenges and joys of our lives with other people, inevitably, we’ll hear others saying “I’ve SO been there!” or even “I’m in the midst of that right now!” Being able to honestly share of yourself is the quickest way to create deep, meaningful connections with other people and the key to getting there is feeling safe to be vulnerable.

Listen to this episode to hear more about:

🐮 why small towns need to remain open to new ideas (and people)

🐮 why quality trumps quantity, even in an online business

🐮 why we all need a place where we can be vulnerable

🐮 how to avoid creating divisions when starting a community

🐮 the danger of tying our identity to something external


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