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The Growing Small Towns Show

Feb 24, 2020

On the show today, Terra Cypher, founder of @wildgoatdesign, an Etsy shop where Terra creates hand-lettered signs and other items, joins us to share how she started her business, what it’s meant to be really encouraged by her loved ones, and why she thinks small towns are the best place to start a new business.


About Terra Cypher:

Terra Cypher is the artist behind Wild Goat Design, a creative adventure full of painting signs, globes, murals, and teaching. 

Apart from managing her studio, traveling to craft shows and teaching classes, she enjoys reading, coffee with good conversation, and finding fun hidden gems in small towns. Or just hanging out at home cozying up with her husband and two obnoxious cats.

In this episode, we tackle...

What was the hardest part about starting an “art-based” business?

Terra said it herself: “Starting!” She talked about how she really needed the nudge to take the leap—and boy, did she get a great nudge!—because she might have continued to wait until the timing seemed better. But there will never be a perfect just have to leap!


Listen to this episode to hear more about:

  • Why having our gifts cultivated from early on is so important
  • How Terra came to name her business Wild Goat Design
  • Why having a “disgustingly encouraging” husband has been such a blessing in her life
  • How Terra dispels the prevalent belief that creativity in only given to a select few
  • Why small towns are the best place to start businesses


Connect with Terra: