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The Growing Small Towns Show

Nov 16, 2020

Judy Larson, writer, musician, and artist, can remember a time when she wouldn’t have considered herself a “creative”. On today’s show, she shares her journey of embracing her own creativity, nurturing those skills and talents in others, and the impact it’s had on her own life and her community. Not sure what creative placemaking even is? You need to listen to this one!

About Judy

With a background in healthcare and economic development, JUDY LARSON has found her passion in building healthy communities. She’s a connector and communicator, a listener and lover of people. In 2018, Judy helped to establish Placemakers Co-op, a group dedicated to creating space for makers and do-ers to share ideas, collaborate, build relationships and use their talents. In addition to hosting a unique community-focused event each month, Placemakers Co-op also works with LIVE Inc., an entity that provides services for people with developmental disabilities. Judy has been instrumental in forging a relationship between the two groups by organizing events and classes, (including an artist in residence) for all to enjoy, regardless of ability. In the spirit of People First Language, she believes we are all “people needing support”--people who are happier, healthier and better able to use and expand our talents when we are in a healthy, supportive community.
In this episode, we cover:
  • The one thing each of us is compelled to give to the world
  • The difference between Strategic Planning and Strategic Doing
  • What “Fail with Friends” is and how to start one in your community
  • How to use micro-commitments to build involvement
  • The value of simply creating space for people to explore

Links + Resources Mentioned

The Placemakers Co-Op website:

Artists to check out and support!

John Lopez:

Brittany Schnell:

Kathleen Norris:

Shasta Marie Designs:


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