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The Growing Small Towns Show

Dec 28, 2020

Our host, Rebecca is flying solo for this episode, and she’s talking about hope and the new year. 2020 was hard, friends, there’s just no denying it. But this isn’t about looking back on a hard year, it’s about looking forward to what’s coming and some ways that you can keep up your momentum and hope in the new year. This episode is full of encouragement and actionable steps to keep getting closer to your goals, no matter what they are. 
In this episode, we cover:
  • Why there is no replacement for action
  • The importance of checking your source--are you acting out of fear, or hope?
  • Why we need to ask for help
  • How and why to allow for magic
  • Discipling your disappointment
  • Celebrating more, even when it feels like there’s nothing to celebrate (spoiler: there really is!)


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